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Monday, October 30, 2006

Whats up with Stella and Audra: News from the Eververse

Greetings from Stella and Audra! October has been a wild month for us!

Well As of today its 26 days till Sugar is released in e
book. We are still deciding what goodies we are going to be giving away
and what the contests are going to be. be on the lookout... And we hope
you enjoy the story.

On the writing front, We are about 45k into the second Fallen book. We
arent sure where the series is going yet, but the books are demanding
to be written. The first in the series is called The Soft Edge of Midnight and weighs in at about 99k, which makes it the longest book we have ever written. A Bitter Kiss of Chaos, the second book, might not be as long but heres hoping they tell the full story.

We have a few releases coming out, our second story in the Knossos West Weresnake series. Surender in Moonlight,
will be out on the 10th of Nov.with Forbidden Publications. So if you
liked the first one be sure to pick up the second... Ooh and be on the
lookout for a very awesome surprise for in January involving the
Knossos West Snakes. Its guarenteed to entice you.

We have also finished the cover for the next book in the Eververse Series, Silk and Steel. I'll show it off during the Sugar and Sin release so be sure to come and hangout.

As of now this is how our releases stand:

Nov. 10th-Surender in Moonlight (Forbidden Publications

Nov. 25th-Sugar and Sin (Mardi Gras Publishing)

Dec. 31st-Glamour (Phaze)

On the Already released books front, Beyond the Vision of Dreams received 4 Angels recently at FAR. Heres what Lisa had to say about it:

Beyond the Visions of Dreams is an interesting story about a unique couple. Stella and Audra Price’s invention of the were-snakes, used in this story, gives an otherwise regular love story a magical and interesting edge. Beyond the Visions of Dreams
not only has very hot sex scenes and emotions but also is well written
and quite easy to read. I enjoyed following Remy and Chrissy as they
build their relationship and lives together. I found Beyond the Visions of Dreams to be a wonderful short story that kept me entertained from beginning to end.

Read the rest of the Review here ...

Blood on the Harvest Moon
is #9 at MGP on fictionwise! Our Dark
erotic halloween story is holding strong and if you havent read it yet
you need to! Nothing like something tantalizingly sexy and dark to get
your blood pumping on a naughty Halloween Night!!!

So thats all from our end...Dontforget to come and hangout at the
  for the Sugar release, we guarentee its going to be a good
time! Remeber though, the Mansion is an active group... NO LURKERS!

Stella And Audra

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