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Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Love of Her Death Reviewed!!

5 Clovers from Kwips and Kritiques!! (That's their highest rating folks!)

This book is not something you want to miss! And here is the review to prove it!

Donnice “Donnes” Jordan finds herself on the most unusual train ride. Stuck on Locomotive Number 13, Donnes is on a ride in which there seems to be no happy ending in sight. Every stranger she meets has a secret and horrific past. Why is Donnes here? And just what is the role of the sexy conductor, Colin?

Kudos to Luna Carrol for finding a happy ending in this very dark erotic fantasy! THE LOVE OF HER DEATH is a surprising story which twists and turns in the most fiendishly clever of ways. The atmosphere is almost eerie, as one wonders just what Donnes will experience next in this unusual train journey.

Character development is key to the success of THE LOVE OF HER DEATH and Luna Carrol ensures the reader cares about the characters. Ms. Carrol clearly shows readers that what is in a person’s heart is far more important than their appearance, a lesson Donnes has to learn. Donnes’ reaction to Patricia Stone sets the stage for this lesson as she has difficulty ignoring Patricia’s goth, almost garishly revealing clothing, especially in comparison to Donnes much more subdued clothing. Traveling on Locomotive Number 13 can be quite an eye-opening experience, as Donnes will soon learn.

THE LOVE OF HER DEATH will not appeal to all as it is a very dark story, despite the happily ever after ending. However, readers wanting a taste of something different will appreciate this extraordinarily edgy tale. Sensitive readers should note that there are F/F scenes and that Donnes is not monogamous as her sexual explorations are part of the journey she is undertaking. Take a ride on the wild side with THE LOVE OF HER DEATH… if you dare!
Reviewed by Anne

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