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Thursday, August 10, 2006

To Stay Forever

Luna Carrol's first published book!!
And since I'm contracted for four more next year you should get a jump on your Luna library. Go to

To Stay Forever

Emily Hertford just moved to England to get to know her mother’s roots and study the history of names. That’s what she did. She studied names and sold the information to others interested. She wasn’t planning on falling for someone so arrogant that he insisted no one could be related to him, but from the moment she met him all she wanted was to know more about him.
Derek Crosse was a cursed man. Cursed to live beyond his life as a Templar Knight on the lands where he watched his wife die in his arms. When Emily stepped into his life asking questions about his family he had to distract her. To allow her to know the truth was to jeopardize her soul, or at the very least her life.
It must have been the curse uttered by Robert Ab-Owen as he died upon Derek’s sword. He had been a fellow knight until the Order was dissolved and lashed out against any Templar fortunate enough to have found happiness. The curse he uttered with his dying breath bound Derek to Crosse Hills forever. He would not rest until Derek had suffered an eternity, even if that meant killing his new love, Emily.

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