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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Freedom to play in the Dark

This forum was started to help me meet strange and dark minded people from all over the world in the hopes that I could share with them art, literature and pictures of what we love best about horror. Well. Due to increased demand for a 'fear-free' playroom an XXX thread has been put in there. Its been made members only and if you apply to join Darkness Falls you will have to mail The Evil Lord to have that access if you wish. And do you know something? It has opened my eyes to an entirely different world of horror. There are 'Angel's' beating people, the 'Master' who is the vampire 'lover' and many more. It's a safe place. No persecution. It's not perversion, more like art taking its form in the pleasuring of others. THERE ARE NO KIDS AND WE DON'T WANT ANY KIDS! It all started when I wrote on commission a racey piece for an anthology that ended up being dubbed, 'fairytale porn', I know! But it means that as well as horror that I write I can also diversify into slightly more congenial topics and this I have found means readers enjoying my work more. So. Join. Or not. Free country. But unless you join you won't ever see what we are up to because as I said, access isn't given to non-members so you won't see that thread if you read the boards. Second to this, the works you do see published there are still owned by copyright so they are not for copying and/or distribution.

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