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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Woohoo Another Review!!

Folks I have to say I haven't received one bad review for this book! Not even a slightly bad review! There have been plenty of warnings about the heat level, so beware! I'm blown away by the response for this book and I just want to kick Barnes and Noble in the ass for their snafu. Anyway, that is getting cleared up and here's part of the newest review...

Luna Carrol is now on my list of authors to watch. I just have to say: WOW! What a tantalizing book. While reading The Love of Her Death I felt as though I had stepped into The Twilight Zone with Rod Sterling's seductive voice narrating and his cigarette billowing smoke. I could just hear him… "Imagine if you will, the next time you're waiting to board a train, you might want to take a good look before you climb aboard, or you could end up like Donnice Jordan on number 13, which only stops to pick up its passengers on their way to The Twilight Zone." Luna Carrol has such a talent for the written word and the imagination to go with it. This read was a thrill; my socks were knocked off and I read it in one sitting. Even though I didn't even start it until 1 am, there was no way I was going to put it down until I found what was going to happen at the end of that ride. Who needs sleep? I know that I have never seen a conductor who looks like Colin. If I had, I can assure you I would have remembered. A word of warning, if you ever do come across someone who does look like him… BEWARE you might not only lose your soul but also your heart! ALL ABOARD!


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