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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Introduction part 2

"Question one..." He repeated the que.

She rolled her eyes and read the question aloud. "Are you published?"

"Answer." He tapped the back of the paper in his hand.

"Can't you ask the questions like any normal cop?"

He narrowed his eyes. The yellow color becoming slits. "But I'm not a normal cop. I'm a licensing cop."

"Yeah, yeah..."

"But I like you, Luna. Always have." He grinned, exposing his sharp teeth. "I'll ask the questions."

"Thanks." Her sarcasm was just the right amount, if she did think so herself.

"Are you published?"

"Yes." She answered with one word and looked back at the paper before her.

"This could go easier if you logically answer with complete information. We could be done in no time at all." He stood and walked to sit in the chair beside her.

"Don't try the nice cop thing on me. I know you for what you are, Lucas."

He chuckled and leaned back, indicating that the cameraman behind him should move to get a better shot of Luna. "Let's finish our polite interview before moving on to more personal matters, shall we?"

She snorted. "Yeah, right. I am published at Midnight Showcase." She looked to the cameraman. "That's".

"How many books do you have published?" He looked at her over his paper.

"One. To Stay Forever is the title." She pulled her eyes away from his and looked to her own paper.

"Is that it? Sounds pretty pathetic to me." He sighed as if she was taking up his time now.

"It's the only one released. I have three contracted and I'm in the process of working out the details for contract number four for 2007."

He lifted his brows and nodded with a smile. "That's more like it. I'd hate to think of you as a disappointment, Luna."

"I never disappoint, Lucas. Not unless it's my intention to do so."

She drug her fingertips down the front of her blouse barely opening the v of her neckline. Her eyes held his as she licked her lips.

His lower lip dropped open, then snapped shut as he cleared his throat. "Yes, well, be that as it may, let's move to the next question."

Luna smiled. Turning the tables on an interview was an art. Humans were more difficult, but the beasties, well, they operated on natural instinct. Easy to mislead.

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