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Thursday, August 17, 2006


The room was dark, the only light stemming from one single white light hanging low over the table. Luna couldn't see the outer rims of the room, but then she wasn't sure she wanted to.

Moving to sit at the table she waitd. Strings of white smoke pushed through the air past her in long, skinny waves. She recognized the smoke, smelled the odor.

"Luna Carrol." His low raspy voice caused her to bite down hard on her molars. It was that or swear aloud.

"Lucas." I recognized your odor.

The serpentine sat across from her. His yellow eyes broken only by the narrow, black slit that served as pupils. His green complexion and sharp teeth further attested to why his race was called serpentine.

"I see you are doing rather well for yourself, Luna." He moved his green hand up and down to indicate her finely tailored suit.

The high collar of her brigt blue blouse, to the tips of her high heels were exactly the image she wanted to portray.

"I do what I can." She draped one arm over the back of her chair. "What do you want, Lucas?"

His eyebrows raised as a smile tugged the corner of his lips. "You know what. You're here to answer some questions. Questions that the Council deems necessary." He leaned forward and chuckled. "We can't have writers wandering around and know nothing about them, can we?"

She stretched a tight-lipped smile and chuckled sarcastically. "No room for creative license, I suppose."

"Oh, I'll give you your license." He leaned back out of the circle of light. A folder dropped to the table. "I'll give you one if you answer my questions...and I like the answers."

She inhaled and released the air with a gush. "Of course. If you like them, that's the clincher, isn't it?"

He shrugged, difficult to see now that he was out of the light, but his race couldn't tolerate intense light directed at their eyes. Cold blooded, sons of bitches, they actually preferred the dark or an even amount of light such as the sun.

She reached out and grabbed the folder, noticing yet another broken nail. Beautiful nails were something she just couldn't hold on to. She opened the folder while leaning back in her seat.

Her mouth fell open. "You want me to answer these?"

He chuckled and held his hand out for some thug on the sidelines to hand him another piece of paper. "I have my own copy of the questions. Just to make sure you don't miss any. Oh," he stopped her train of thought, "one of my men will be recording this. That's cassette and video, just so you know."

"Just so I know?" She laughed with disgust. "The Council's own law decrees that everything you assholes do is recorded."

He growled low in his throat. "Question number one..."

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