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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mine, Heart and Soul New Review!

"Another Mythos for the Paranormal Field"

One of my newest releases gets high reviews and the recognition of being a new mythos! Don't we all love new things to read? I don't know about you, but I was beginning to think that the paranormal market offered nothing but vampires and shapeshifters. Welcome to the world of the Poena Nisus. seductive. Don't believe me? Hear it from ParaNormalRomance Reviews-

"Dark and Erotic"
Lost in the winter-ridden mountains of Romania, Amanda McLaurin was relieved when she stumbled upon a castle. But as she becomes acquainted with the master and his other guests, she starts to wonder what she's gotten herself into. Why are some of the guests disappearing? And what about the mysterious painting of a skeletal death figure, who appears to be smiling and watching her?

Ryan Noceo sensed Amanda in the woods, and drew her to himself because of her strong soul. As the current prince of the Poena Nisus, those who feed on the souls of mortals, he found her nearly irresistible. Now he must convince her to become his mate, and share her soul with him. But his kind avoids all emotion, and Ryan can't promise her love. Will she take the challenge, risk death, and become his— heart and soul?

This book has a unique story concept and interesting characters. I liked Amanda, and wanted her to challenge Ryan to break through and admit to his feelings. I rooted for Ryan to find and recognize the value of emotions. Due to the Ryan's essential nature, he was not a very sympathetic character, but the author did a credible job of helping me understand why he was that way.

This book adds yet another mythos to the burgeoning paranormal field, with its mysterious Poena Nisus. Full of suspense, dark eroticism, and intriguing characters, it should interest those who like a little heat with their horror. Not for readers wanting a traditional romance, this story should find an audience with those who like darker fare.

Reviewed by Julia Clark
Posted February 12, 2008

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