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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Introduction part 3

"Tell me about your first book." He lowered his eyes to the paper before him, but the cameraman peered out from behind his lense and then moved his camera in closer.

"To Stay Forever is a Romp."

Lucas lifted his head and stared at her.

"That's a short story, single title at Midnight Showcase. It's about a cursed knight and a geneologist. The Templar Knight is cursed to live forever, and really doesn't want the geneologist nosing around his family tree."

"Does this book fall into any other category?"

"You mean other than short story?"

He nodded.

"Several. It's paranormal. Oh yeah, it's..." she leaned closer to him and smiled. "It's erotic."

He sat up straighter. "Erotic?"

"You know what that means right?"

"It's porn?" His mouth dropped open again.

"Absolutely not. Sex is fully described, but romance is the objective. No haphazard sex scenes in my book. And I love happily ever after, so nearly all of my books will end that way."

"Happily ever after doesn't exist." He lowered his paper to the table.

"Sad that you think that. I do not. True, it's hard to come by, but it exists."

"Your species is hung up on romantic dreams and notions. Try living like my kind for once. We're independent and come together only to mate, raise our young, and then go our seperate ways." He seemed to ponder that. "Write a story about that. It really is the best way to live."

"Plenty of erotic romance novelists write about the happy for now way of life. I like the more traditional. I want to believe that love can last forever, passion doesn't have to die, and the bad guys do get what they deserve."

Lucas laughed. "You sound like a romance novelist."

"I am a romance novelist."

"Is your life like a romance novel?"

She looked down. "Real life has its problems. I choose to leave those out of my books. Who needs to be reminded of the day to day problems we all face? I want my fantasies to exist, if only for the duration of a book."

"So you admit it. Romance doesn't really exist."

Luna snapped her eyes back up. "It does. But sometimes you have to go looking for it. I want to make that search just a little easier for my readers."

"You mean you want them to pretend." The smug look on her face really pissed her off.

"Pretend for now, but not to stop looking. I don't want them to stop believing that real life can be wonderful and strive to achieve that state."

Lucas reached into his pocket and pulled out a stamp. Taking the folder from her hands he slapped the stamp on a document from inside. He tossed her the document.

"Your license, romance novelist."

Luna looked down at the swirly caligraphy and finally the surprisingly stylish handwriting of her interviewer. She couldn't believe that he actually gave her the license.

"I may not understand you." She looked back up at Lucas as he spoke. "And I sure as hell don't read romance novels, but you seem to like writing it. Not only that, you got good reviews on To Stay Forever."

"Thank you, Lucas." She stood, causing the serpentine to do the same. "You surprise me."

He chuckled. "Told you that I like you."

"Yeah, I remember that." She smiled and lowered her eyes.

"I may not like romance novels, but I like seeing the look you get in your eyes when you talk about it."

She felt her heart skip a beat. Looking back up she noticed a little more heat to his strange eyes. Who would have thought that a cold blooded animal could create so much heat? "Are you saying that you may become a fan of mine?"

He nodded. "I might buy your book."

"Stop by sometime. I may autograph it for you..." she smiled and turned to leave the room. She paused and looked back at him. With his powerful form, and dangerous appearance he might just find himself in one of her books. "if you like."


She smiled. "Saturday." She gripped her new licence tight in her hand and left with a new wicked grin.

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