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Sunday, March 16, 2008

This Review Is So Good...I Wanted To Cry

This review was just posted March 14th for The Love of Her Death. I love surprises and this one came at the right time. As many of you know I've been struggling with whether book 3 is too dark, too unlike anything I've ever read in the romance genre. Well, dammit, sometimes you just have to write what you're feeling. This reviewer "got it". I don't know her. I didn't request this review (but that doesn't make it less appreciated.) You guys know that I appreciate it more BECAUSE it wasn't requested. Take a second and see what she says. After all, it's an honest opinion and not one I staged.

What happens if you are on a train destined for HELL? This is what happens to Donnice Jordan. Each stop of this train of horrors introduces her to new characters with just enough life in them to remember their most lustful and depraved needs. Murderers, rapists, and deranged psychopaths would like to do more to a warm and willing body than just hold it. The conductor, Colin, is used to being able to check his emotions with the baggage. Now he finds himself having to protect her from the passengers and his own hunger for souls. Can he protect her when his own desires could mean her final death! (Psst… there is a happy ending, even for the dead.)
When I first picked this tale I wasn’t quite sure what it would be like. I had limited experience with horror novels, much less an Erotic/Romantic/Horror novel, but I have long felt that every book deserves at least a chance. I am pleased that I did take this tale as it was really quite an interesting read.

Donnice Jordan is not really a likable character. She is selfish and self-centered and angry. She has long believed that the world owes her for all she has suffered and feels put-upon by everyone she meets. When she finds herself on a train bound for… a place not yet decided with climes unknown to her, she is confused and even angrier. What follows are a series of encounters that teach her more about herself and the needs of her soul. Despite Donnice’s personality flaws, she is, after all, human, I understood her concerns and beliefs regarding her situations and her former life. As we’ve all felt persecuted or put-upon at one time or another, she becomes a bit more sympathetic as we move through the story. As she learns, eventually, what she needs to in order to “depart” the train, I grew attached to her, hoping and waiting for her HEA.

Colin is the enigmatic, dark and incredibly sexy conductor of the 13 Train. The very nature of his “job” makes it necessary for him to avoid attachments and emotions in general. This is something he’s never had any problem with, until he helps Donnice onto his train. Amazingly he feels quite a bit for this haughty woman, the most predominant emotion being lust followed closely by annoyance and then amazingly enough protectiveness. As he observes Donnice moving from one sexual encounter to the next he is surprised by the jealousy he feels as well. As unaccustomed as he is to feeling these emotions, he is unsure how to deal with them and continue to do his job to the best of his abilities. His continued rescue of Donnice from the scrapes she finds herself in adds to his overall frustration while drawing him closer to the real person under all her anger.

While none of the characters throughout this book were particularly likable, they were incredibly compelling and made for a fascinating read. Each person met brought their own agenda to the mix, and added innumerable facets to an already interesting story. Ms. Carrol takes us on a journey through the dirty, the taboo and even the sweet as each person Donnice meets on the train goes through their own journey just as Donnice does. As understanding slowly dawns, we get a glimpse into each person’s own journey as they pass quickly through Donnice’s. A fascinating read.

The concept behind the storyline was exceptionally original and held my interest until the last page. I have to say, while not “scary” per se the subject matter was definitely a bit difficult, despite this, The Love of her Death was incredibly well-written and even entertaining. I would have to recommend this to anyone who doesn’t mind a little, okay a lot, of dark with their light.

Honey, you had me at original and well written.

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