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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wallpaper review!

Wallpaper Jackie Coupe ISBN # Unavailable Mardi Gras Publishing E-book 4,405 words

Rating: 4 Degrees of Darkness
This is truly the most unique first person perspective horror story this reviewer has ever encountered. A slow spiraling descent into insanity or perhaps an abject lesson in terror; this adrenaline pumping thrill ride of a read leaves your every question unanswered and your every opinion unresolved. Someone or something keeps rearranging the wallpaper in his bedroom! Not room to room or anything so simple, but square to square in the one room, his bedroom. Marking them, numbering them, every proof imaginable is used to identify a pattern or at least a reason why. Echoes of insanity ring in your ears as the reader, though all the while plain and simple proofs are established to verify the torment of our hapless victim. But, is there ever undeniable proof that someone isn’t slipping occasionally into the dark realms of psychosis? Mischievous and impish demon spawn from hell or an unmitigated and undeniable journey into psychosis; This reviewer will leave that for you to decide. The only thing certain in this story is its ability to keep you guessing. For sheer imagination and a delightful romp through insanity, this story rates top marks and I believe will more than satisfy any reader lucky enough to go along for the ride. It can be a thin line between reality and psychotic delusion. I only hope that you, the reader, are able to make your way back to sanity after experiencing this harrowing tale. This nightmare is definitely a keeper.

J.L. Day Reviewer for Darkness Falls

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Blogger Stella Price said ... (5:47 AM) : 

omg i loved this story! and we release the same day!



Blogger Jackie Coupe said ... (12:25 PM) : 

I love that your my mates...x


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