Viva la SHARPE!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Video!

It totally rocks...or creeps. Anyway, I love it! In fact I keep playing it over and over again. That's normal right? *looks to conscience*

(Nothing is ever normal where you're concerned.)

*shrug* You can hear the eerie ding of the train bell...see the fear in the heroine's eyes....see the crazy in the ..the...well, the crazy's eyes....

(*jaw drops* Please don't print that. You're supposed to be a writer for God's sake.)

PFFT! Let me do this. *hunches over, dons a psycho smile, makes creepy fingers at you* You see the hunger in his eyes for your soul, but oddly enough you notice how handsome he is too.

Ohhh there's sex in there as well? *arches brows playfully* That's right, it's Luna Carrol's story.

There will be plenty of naughty play...and a queer twist of introspection.

(I hate it when she does that. I feel like she's looking at me!)

I do look at you! Shut the hell up!

You know, maybe you should just go and see the video yourself. It's cool as hell!

(You'll know why she mentioned Hell when you see the video.)

*rolls eyes and walks away* I'm leaving you here!

(*shakes head* She just doesn't get it.)