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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Blood has been Shed....

Just released!

 Blood on the Harvest Moon by Stella and Audra Price

In the Deep South Danica Banks is teased by the guy
in the large oak tree. Seeing him from an early age she is fascinated
with him but heeds her gram’s advice about staying away from the tree.
One night things change, and her mystery man leaves his perch on the
tree… and that’s when things get interesting.

When her
relationship with her mystery man takes a turn into the sinister realm
and she makes a choice that could forever change her destiny and
destroy her life, will she regret what she’s done in the name of what
she thinks is love?


A little taste of the Darkness you can expect from
the Price Sisters in their works to come. A little Sinister, a little
Sexy, and disturbing as hell... A short story to get your halloween
juices flowing...and get you ready for the wonderment beyond...


Saturday, September 23, 2006

I've been MIA--

But with good reason!! LOL

Stella and I created a new review site. and I spend a good four or five hours a day recruiting authors, reviewers, publishers. We're doing good so far! Lots of reviews up, lots of happy authors! I'm interested in starting a just horror section, since a lot of my reviewers are asking for horror. Also, a YA section, since I'm getting inundated with YA authors from myspace!

What do you ladies think?

Anyway. About my own personal stuff. LOL I think I had an encounter with a truly demon-possessed child. I have the injuries and scars to prove it. LOL.

I am about 10,000K into a zombie novel. It began with a curse, but that storyline just didn't have enough to work with, not the way I wanted it, so now I think it's somehow turned into aliens. Aliens. I hate aliens. They annoy me. And now I'm writing some sort of freakin' epic alien-domination/zombie story. Go figure.

Do your stories ever hijack themselves? My handsome, pensive hero has turned into a piece of man-candy with low brain-power but noble intentions. The guy I cast as my new hero has turned into a psych-ward escapeee pretending to be a doctor.

Well, this is going to be one interesting story.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Help Save Stargate!

So this time Im crusading against the dreaded ECW in favor of Stargate! Dont let them take Stargate off the air! Theres a petition going around

and they have a myspace as well with other things you can do to help save the Gate.

there is really so much you can do to help.... they took off FARSCAPE... dont let them distroy another amazing TV show in favor of ECW...

Friday, September 15, 2006

...and now for something completely different!

I sat in the dark again last night and thought, as always, about you.
I try and remember what it was like before the blood and the pain and I can't remember your face again and that hurts, more than the knowing that what I did, I cannot undo.
I can't tell you I'm sorry, the big old silver moon doesn't care, I sit, by the top of the stairs and wait.
You aren't coming home.
Not unless of course God has somehow taken back the damage I did rather than apologise to you for the little wrongs I'd done.
I guess I know that the next person to come to my doorstep will be the Devil himself.
Perhaps he will be carrying your severed head for me to kiss and make up with.
I can dream, can't I? Make pretend that I am not your murderer but your saviour, that my evils purpose was actually love?
Pretending may be all that I have left.
That and your torso, floating serenely in the bath tub that is.
I inhale deeply of your new perfume.
It smells like salvation.
God forgive me and tell the Devil to hurry now.
I wouldn't want to move 'till he gets here.
It would be impolite.
What's that?
The waters getting cold?
I'll be right there dear.
I wouldn't want you to catch your death now.
Would I?

Miss Jackie Coupe - copyrights held.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Building bridges

It's official!
Dark Authors and
Darkness Falls
in union!
We are linked up - just you wait Stel,
when you see what I'm working on
you're going to be so proud!

So come on Dark souls, come over and see what's
going on at

It might be just what you need!

Friday, September 08, 2006

A new banner....

Like it? Yeah i thought so too. If your intrested in supporting the DA's you can use that.. or if you wanna link for the bloggy... heres a button....

yeah i know.. we are such bloggy butts...