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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Romantic Times Recognition

So we just heard that we are #20 on the list of 25 most unusual paranormal creatures list in Romantic Times' October 2006 issue!!! Im freaked out. I mean someone recognized our WERESNAKES! Now i had heard about this, and was looking forward to it, but i never thought we would be mentioned in an national magazine, let alone be in any place other then last. And no, thats not me trying to play our shit down, its me thinking that we have been around for a little over 8 months, and we placed higher then authors that are in print with NY houses. Well needless to say I'm damn graetful that we got placed, and even more happy that we were placed where we were.

So A toast to us!

Go pick up the ocotboer issue of RT and see for yourself... Im giddy as hell!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Beauty in Evil

Evil is a beautiful thing in the right hands.

This picture is a testament to the other world that is seeping through into ours.

Teresa at MGP - you have a heart of gold, you have shown though that there are other layers to your soul.

Disturbing and suggestive.

Haunting and reverant.

Release date 30th September.

May God have mercy on your soul.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Double Releases!

Seems Audra and I will be releasing with Ms. Jackie Coupe two weeks in a row!

first off is a double scaremare weekend with us and Jackie, with our stories Blood on the Harvest Moon (price) and Wallpaper(coupe) at Mardi Gras Publishing! they are both short stories and will indeed get your dander up.... well have Blurbs as soon as the pages become available...

Second... October 6th is the release of yet another set of books! Ms. Coupe is giving us Witness, the White Volume and Book two in our Knossos West Snake series, Surrender in Moonlight!

Now i Know you wanna pick them up....


Wallpaper review!

Wallpaper Jackie Coupe ISBN # Unavailable Mardi Gras Publishing E-book 4,405 words

Rating: 4 Degrees of Darkness
This is truly the most unique first person perspective horror story this reviewer has ever encountered. A slow spiraling descent into insanity or perhaps an abject lesson in terror; this adrenaline pumping thrill ride of a read leaves your every question unanswered and your every opinion unresolved. Someone or something keeps rearranging the wallpaper in his bedroom! Not room to room or anything so simple, but square to square in the one room, his bedroom. Marking them, numbering them, every proof imaginable is used to identify a pattern or at least a reason why. Echoes of insanity ring in your ears as the reader, though all the while plain and simple proofs are established to verify the torment of our hapless victim. But, is there ever undeniable proof that someone isn’t slipping occasionally into the dark realms of psychosis? Mischievous and impish demon spawn from hell or an unmitigated and undeniable journey into psychosis; This reviewer will leave that for you to decide. The only thing certain in this story is its ability to keep you guessing. For sheer imagination and a delightful romp through insanity, this story rates top marks and I believe will more than satisfy any reader lucky enough to go along for the ride. It can be a thin line between reality and psychotic delusion. I only hope that you, the reader, are able to make your way back to sanity after experiencing this harrowing tale. This nightmare is definitely a keeper.

J.L. Day Reviewer for Darkness Falls

Monday, August 21, 2006

Brit attitude

Come on guys - join me, you know you want to!

Thanks Stella you cheeky fella for joining, your support is better than any bra I've had! ;)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm a Slacker...

Well when it comes to blogging i am. This past week has been extrememly busy, but suffice to say Im happy it has. We recently found a new publisher for Eververse, and Sugar and Sin will be released in November, which is about two months later but much better then a year from now. So check out Mardi Gras Publications for the skinny in a few weeks.

We are hard at work on the dragons as well, and im going to be spending a good portion of today after work bulking wheat we have already of the manuscript. Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. Im enjoying it right now though, and im glad for that, thought the whole Seamonkey obsession is just a tad unnerving.

our WIP's are lined up till the end of the yeah, and giving a full month on each to finish what we have started so far isnt too bad at all. im confident we will hit our goals.

So whats everyone else up to?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Introduction part 3

"Tell me about your first book." He lowered his eyes to the paper before him, but the cameraman peered out from behind his lense and then moved his camera in closer.

"To Stay Forever is a Romp."

Lucas lifted his head and stared at her.

"That's a short story, single title at Midnight Showcase. It's about a cursed knight and a geneologist. The Templar Knight is cursed to live forever, and really doesn't want the geneologist nosing around his family tree."

"Does this book fall into any other category?"

"You mean other than short story?"

He nodded.

"Several. It's paranormal. Oh yeah, it's..." she leaned closer to him and smiled. "It's erotic."

He sat up straighter. "Erotic?"

"You know what that means right?"

"It's porn?" His mouth dropped open again.

"Absolutely not. Sex is fully described, but romance is the objective. No haphazard sex scenes in my book. And I love happily ever after, so nearly all of my books will end that way."

"Happily ever after doesn't exist." He lowered his paper to the table.

"Sad that you think that. I do not. True, it's hard to come by, but it exists."

"Your species is hung up on romantic dreams and notions. Try living like my kind for once. We're independent and come together only to mate, raise our young, and then go our seperate ways." He seemed to ponder that. "Write a story about that. It really is the best way to live."

"Plenty of erotic romance novelists write about the happy for now way of life. I like the more traditional. I want to believe that love can last forever, passion doesn't have to die, and the bad guys do get what they deserve."

Lucas laughed. "You sound like a romance novelist."

"I am a romance novelist."

"Is your life like a romance novel?"

She looked down. "Real life has its problems. I choose to leave those out of my books. Who needs to be reminded of the day to day problems we all face? I want my fantasies to exist, if only for the duration of a book."

"So you admit it. Romance doesn't really exist."

Luna snapped her eyes back up. "It does. But sometimes you have to go looking for it. I want to make that search just a little easier for my readers."

"You mean you want them to pretend." The smug look on her face really pissed her off.

"Pretend for now, but not to stop looking. I don't want them to stop believing that real life can be wonderful and strive to achieve that state."

Lucas reached into his pocket and pulled out a stamp. Taking the folder from her hands he slapped the stamp on a document from inside. He tossed her the document.

"Your license, romance novelist."

Luna looked down at the swirly caligraphy and finally the surprisingly stylish handwriting of her interviewer. She couldn't believe that he actually gave her the license.

"I may not understand you." She looked back up at Lucas as he spoke. "And I sure as hell don't read romance novels, but you seem to like writing it. Not only that, you got good reviews on To Stay Forever."

"Thank you, Lucas." She stood, causing the serpentine to do the same. "You surprise me."

He chuckled. "Told you that I like you."

"Yeah, I remember that." She smiled and lowered her eyes.

"I may not like romance novels, but I like seeing the look you get in your eyes when you talk about it."

She felt her heart skip a beat. Looking back up she noticed a little more heat to his strange eyes. Who would have thought that a cold blooded animal could create so much heat? "Are you saying that you may become a fan of mine?"

He nodded. "I might buy your book."

"Stop by sometime. I may autograph it for you..." she smiled and turned to leave the room. She paused and looked back at him. With his powerful form, and dangerous appearance he might just find himself in one of her books. "if you like."


She smiled. "Saturday." She gripped her new licence tight in her hand and left with a new wicked grin.

Introduction part 2

"Question one..." He repeated the que.

She rolled her eyes and read the question aloud. "Are you published?"

"Answer." He tapped the back of the paper in his hand.

"Can't you ask the questions like any normal cop?"

He narrowed his eyes. The yellow color becoming slits. "But I'm not a normal cop. I'm a licensing cop."

"Yeah, yeah..."

"But I like you, Luna. Always have." He grinned, exposing his sharp teeth. "I'll ask the questions."

"Thanks." Her sarcasm was just the right amount, if she did think so herself.

"Are you published?"

"Yes." She answered with one word and looked back at the paper before her.

"This could go easier if you logically answer with complete information. We could be done in no time at all." He stood and walked to sit in the chair beside her.

"Don't try the nice cop thing on me. I know you for what you are, Lucas."

He chuckled and leaned back, indicating that the cameraman behind him should move to get a better shot of Luna. "Let's finish our polite interview before moving on to more personal matters, shall we?"

She snorted. "Yeah, right. I am published at Midnight Showcase." She looked to the cameraman. "That's".

"How many books do you have published?" He looked at her over his paper.

"One. To Stay Forever is the title." She pulled her eyes away from his and looked to her own paper.

"Is that it? Sounds pretty pathetic to me." He sighed as if she was taking up his time now.

"It's the only one released. I have three contracted and I'm in the process of working out the details for contract number four for 2007."

He lifted his brows and nodded with a smile. "That's more like it. I'd hate to think of you as a disappointment, Luna."

"I never disappoint, Lucas. Not unless it's my intention to do so."

She drug her fingertips down the front of her blouse barely opening the v of her neckline. Her eyes held his as she licked her lips.

His lower lip dropped open, then snapped shut as he cleared his throat. "Yes, well, be that as it may, let's move to the next question."

Luna smiled. Turning the tables on an interview was an art. Humans were more difficult, but the beasties, well, they operated on natural instinct. Easy to mislead.


The room was dark, the only light stemming from one single white light hanging low over the table. Luna couldn't see the outer rims of the room, but then she wasn't sure she wanted to.

Moving to sit at the table she waitd. Strings of white smoke pushed through the air past her in long, skinny waves. She recognized the smoke, smelled the odor.

"Luna Carrol." His low raspy voice caused her to bite down hard on her molars. It was that or swear aloud.

"Lucas." I recognized your odor.

The serpentine sat across from her. His yellow eyes broken only by the narrow, black slit that served as pupils. His green complexion and sharp teeth further attested to why his race was called serpentine.

"I see you are doing rather well for yourself, Luna." He moved his green hand up and down to indicate her finely tailored suit.

The high collar of her brigt blue blouse, to the tips of her high heels were exactly the image she wanted to portray.

"I do what I can." She draped one arm over the back of her chair. "What do you want, Lucas?"

His eyebrows raised as a smile tugged the corner of his lips. "You know what. You're here to answer some questions. Questions that the Council deems necessary." He leaned forward and chuckled. "We can't have writers wandering around and know nothing about them, can we?"

She stretched a tight-lipped smile and chuckled sarcastically. "No room for creative license, I suppose."

"Oh, I'll give you your license." He leaned back out of the circle of light. A folder dropped to the table. "I'll give you one if you answer my questions...and I like the answers."

She inhaled and released the air with a gush. "Of course. If you like them, that's the clincher, isn't it?"

He shrugged, difficult to see now that he was out of the light, but his race couldn't tolerate intense light directed at their eyes. Cold blooded, sons of bitches, they actually preferred the dark or an even amount of light such as the sun.

She reached out and grabbed the folder, noticing yet another broken nail. Beautiful nails were something she just couldn't hold on to. She opened the folder while leaning back in her seat.

Her mouth fell open. "You want me to answer these?"

He chuckled and held his hand out for some thug on the sidelines to hand him another piece of paper. "I have my own copy of the questions. Just to make sure you don't miss any. Oh," he stopped her train of thought, "one of my men will be recording this. That's cassette and video, just so you know."

"Just so I know?" She laughed with disgust. "The Council's own law decrees that everything you assholes do is recorded."

He growled low in his throat. "Question number one..."

Sunday, August 13, 2006

To Stay Forever Gets Great Review!!

Please follow the link to read this review. I'm sooo excited I may suck someone's blood. Muahhahahahahahahaaaaa

Forum of darkness

I'm new to foruming so just wanted to get a place going where people can chit chat.
Its for everyone - as long as they are evil!
ASH! Welcome to the Pretty-Scary team, Heidi has super status greater than any evil comic book super villain, but a heart of gold!
Groovy baby!
Stella - think I got this licked now man.
I think I do anyway.
I'm going to post a 'Wallpaper' blurb at my site
Don't forget who luvs ya ladies...x

Friday, August 11, 2006


I got a new reviewng gig! LOL

I'm reviewing for!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

To Stay Forever

Luna Carrol's first published book!!
And since I'm contracted for four more next year you should get a jump on your Luna library. Go to

To Stay Forever

Emily Hertford just moved to England to get to know her mother’s roots and study the history of names. That’s what she did. She studied names and sold the information to others interested. She wasn’t planning on falling for someone so arrogant that he insisted no one could be related to him, but from the moment she met him all she wanted was to know more about him.
Derek Crosse was a cursed man. Cursed to live beyond his life as a Templar Knight on the lands where he watched his wife die in his arms. When Emily stepped into his life asking questions about his family he had to distract her. To allow her to know the truth was to jeopardize her soul, or at the very least her life.
It must have been the curse uttered by Robert Ab-Owen as he died upon Derek’s sword. He had been a fellow knight until the Order was dissolved and lashed out against any Templar fortunate enough to have found happiness. The curse he uttered with his dying breath bound Derek to Crosse Hills forever. He would not rest until Derek had suffered an eternity, even if that meant killing his new love, Emily.

Monday, August 07, 2006

New Acceptances...

Well Seems miss Jackie Coupe and Audra and I have some celebrating to do. We all have a story with Mardi Gras Publishing's Scaremare line! Amd im sure Jackie will tell you all about hers... but here is ours, and the blurby...

Blood on the Harvest Moon

In the Deep South Danica Banks is teased by the guy in the large oak tree. Seeing him from an early age she is fascinated with him but heeds her gram’s advice about staying away from the tree. One night things change, and her mystery man leaves his perch on the tree… and that’s when things get interesting.

When her relationship with her mystery man takes a turn into the sinister realm and she makes a choice that could forever change her destiny and destroy her life, will she regret what she’s done in the name of what she thinks is love?

Yep.. its Dark, and broody and unsettling... So congrats Miss Jackie We love you!


Saturday, August 05, 2006

check this out...

I have some new reviews up on my personal blog, as well as my Myspace!! I will have more up in the next day or so.

Remember, if you need reviews, let me know!

Fancy a Threesome?

Spice up your “Threesome” with the silky caress of the paranormal rippling down your spine.

Meet Dorantes, the seductive night creature in MIDNIGHT TRYST; Jack, a moody and mystifying recluse, he is THE MOUNTAIN MAN; and Marcos, the dark and alluring apparition who desires an uninhibited lover in A MISTRESS FOR MARCOS.

They have risen from the unquiet mind of Ellen Ashe, three vibrant and intriguing men, who need their passions quelled, three dark paranormal short stories that will certainly arouse and shock, three erotic tales with unexpected endings as these viciously handsome men are not of our world...

"Ms. Ashe has penned a stunning piece of literature..." – Ecataromance

"Ellen Ashe knows how to draw a reader in and then trap them in her web of intense romantic drama."--Romance Junkies

“Dark, mysterious, and extremely sensual describes A Mistress for Marcos.” - Kwips and Kritiques

Dare to take them under the covers. Dare to let them touch you. Dare to let them stir your passion. Because once you let them inside they will never be able to leave.

Friday, August 04, 2006


So... tell us about YOU.

What scares you?

What's your worst nightmare?

Are you scared of the dark... or of just what might be IN the dark?

Welcome to the Dark Authors!

Greetings ladies and gents... We have a wonderful sit up here, with some of the best up and coming authors in the darker genres around. So we, meaing Audra And I write Dark fantasy erotic and paranormal romance, and we dabble in horror. We are multi published in the Dark Fantasy genre and actually are sisters.

And we love all the dark authors! they are the ones that make life and reading hella interesting!

So DA's? you ready? Sound off!