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Thursday, July 26, 2007

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First Review: The Love of Her Death

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The Love of her Death: Book one of Soulful Journey
Luna Carrol
Ebook Release Date: August 15 '07
Print Release Date: September 15 '07
ISBN Pending
Erotic Fantasy
Ratings: 5 Moonbeams

The Love of Her Death: Book One
Donnice Jordan finds herself boarded on a train destined for what she believes to be Hell and each stop introduces new characters with just enough life left in them to remember their most lustful and depraved needs. What's worse is she learns that everyone on this train is here for a reason. Murderers, rapists, and deranged psychopaths would like to do more to a warm and willing body than just hold it.
The Conductor, Colin, is used to being able to check his emotions with the baggage, he now finds himself having to protect her from the passengers and his own hunger for souls. Can he protect her when his own desires could mean her final death? (psst…there is a happy ending, sometimes even for the dead.)
Donnice never imagined that this would be the day she died. She is convince by a stranger to board a train unaware of what it has in store for her. Donnice meets Colin and something inside her comes alive. Along the way, she meets some interesting characters that bring out her most deepest desires.
Colin, the conductor, isn't use to the feelings he has ever since meeting Donnice. She brings out all his feelings he's kept bottled up for many years. Was it chance or fate that brought Donnice to Colin. All he knows is that he's willing to do anything to have her in his life.
Luna Carrol loves writing dark tales but hates "The End"
And as you can tell after you read this tale. You see just why her stories must continue on. They are just too exciting and addicting just to end now.
Ms. Carrol delivers a spellbinding new tale. She introduces us two new characters, Colin and Donnice who meet interesting and sometime dangerous people that you can't help but find them so intriguing. I loved the plot twists and turns with the introduction of each new character. I found myself cheering for Donnice for fighting for what she wants and getting it! I expect to see many great and exciting stories from Ms. Carrol in the near future.
I give this an overall rating of 5 Moonbeams.
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